Our company was established in 2006. On our website you can purchase Douwe Egberts coffee pads, Philips Senseo coffee machines, coffee for Philips Senseo coffemakers (regular roast coffee, dark roast coffee, Mocca roast coffee, mild roast coffee, caffeine free coffee, Cappuccino), T4U tea pads, accessories for coffee machines and other quality products from Dutch.

Philips Senseo - a cafe right in the comfort of your home.

Netto Kaubandus OÜ

Karberi 36-125, Tallinn, ESTONIA
Reg. no: 1174024
VAT reg.no: EE101363549  

Phone: +372 5 333 51 68
E-mail: info@hh.ee
IBAN: EE741010220108525011 
SEB Bank

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Netto Kaubandus OU

Your orders could be picked-up in  closest Smartpost, Post24 or by ELS courier.

Phone:  +372 5 333 51 68
E-mail: info@hh.ee
IBAN: EE741010220108525011 
SEB Bank